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Czech Software Localization

TailorED software localization

SMART Translations will adapt your computer software, mobile and wearable apps, as well as apps for (I)IoT and Industry 4.0 to the linguistic and cultural conventions of the Czech market. Our professional Czech localization services will enable your clients to benefit fully from your app features.

SMART Translations specializes in the localization of user interfaces, software help, website frontend and backend, as well as any other related marketing content. We will work with you to determine the required scope of localization, data formats, schedules, and the possibilities and methods of testing the localized product.

Software localization is rarely a simple process. In most cases it involves a number of complex tasks requiring technical skills, solid knowledge of workflows and data formats, due dilligence, and the use of special localization software.

SMART Translations has localized more than 3 million words for Windows, Android and iOS-based apps.


  • Software Localization

    SMART Translations will adapt your computer software, mobile apps, as well as apps for (I)IoT, wearables and Industry 4.0 to the linguistic and cultural conventions of the target market, so your clients can fully benefit from your app features.

    We know how to do:

    • User Interface Localization (user controls, captions, reports, prints etc).
    • Help Localization (content, index, keywords etc.)
    • Automated Email Messaging (order confirmation, customer support messages etc.)
    • Localization of all other parts of your software

    We can test your software based on your instructions, resize all controls, check for hotkey duplicities and perform many other localization services. We work usually with Windows, Android and iOS, but are flexible enough to learn any other OS.

    The scope of localization, technical details (OS, standard localization software, proprietary localization software etc.) need to be discussed on individual basis.

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  • Website Localization

    Statistics show that shoppers are 70% more willing to buy from a website that speaks their language.

    SMART Translations will localize your website to Czech and other languages. We have a team of native speakers supported by rigorous project management and stringent quality control measures to ensure seamless website localization processes.

    We will localize your website's:

    • Content
    • Graphic components
    • Forms
    • E-commerce modules
    • Automated mailers
    • Keywords etc.

    We also localize web-based apps (both frontend and backend), bills, invoices, order confirmations, print reports and any other content. Everything is supported by extensive knowledge of translation and localization tools, HTML and XML data formats, as well as competitive knowledge of common web-based CMS.

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  • Online Gambling Localization

    SMART Translations experts are here to help you with your gambling website localization needs.

    We localize:

    • Client apps
    • Game rules
    • Gambling terminology
    • Website content, including leaderboards, tournaments etc.
    • Related legal documents

    Online gambling site projects need to be quoted on individually based on the scope, data formats used etc.

    We localized e.g. the online gambling websites and

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