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TAILORed Translation Services

With SMART Translations, you have finally found a Czech translation provider who is on the same page with you and who can fully adapt to your needs and communication requirements. Many years of experience, continuous improvement, state-of-the-art technologies, lean management, stringent quality-control processes, and leading computer-aided translation and management tools all give us a competitive edge that benefits our clients.

Langauge translation is a complex process that is influenced by a number of factors: text type, target audience, cultural context, necessary knowledge and skills, research, and many others. At SMART Translations, you will always be assigned a translator who specializes in your area. And, as responsible as we are, we will only accept projects where we can guarantee top-class quality.

SMART Translations uses state-of-the-art, robust and proven computer-aided translation (CAT) tools. These software tools make it possible to recycle previous human translations which are stored in a textual database called a "Translation memory" and to benefit from active terminology recognition. This enables us to process your translation projects:

  • faster
  • more consistently
  • at better rates, and
  • using terminology approved by you.

Not only do we own cutting-edge translation technologies, we also know how to use them – already since 2007 we've been delivering seminars on translation tools to students at Masaryk University, helping them start up successful careers in the translation industry.

We Specialize In

  • Technical Translation

    Professional Czech translations for your manuals, technical documentation, project documents, service manuals, IFUs and other documents:

    • Machine equipment (CNC, industrial scales, X-ray systems, vision inspection, metal detectors, injection molding machines, pressing/punching machines, welding machines, PLC systems etc.).
    • Industrial automation systems (PLC systems, Fieldbus systems, ProfiBus, DeviceNET etc.).
    • Health & Safety (concepts, strategies, policies, audits, intrinsically safe systems, Ex areas etc.).
    • Laboratory systems and instruments (pipettes, pipette tips & racks, titrators, spectroscopes, balances, DSC, TMA, TGA, moisture analyzers, ovens, pH meters, cell washers, multimeters etc.).
    • Industrial measuring systems (transmitters, pH sensors, ORP sensors, oxygen sensors, conductivity sensors, TOC analyzers, turbidity systems, sodium analyzers, system architecture etc.).
    • Analytical instruments (thermal analysis, pH meters, EC measurement, DO measurement, ion concentration, density meters, conductivity instruments, spectrophotometers etc.).
    • Retail systems (counter scales, self-service scales, hanging scales, checkout scales, retail software etc.).
    • Cameras for stills and/or videos, camcorders, and accessories.
    • Household appliances and consumer electronics.
    • Vehicles (user manuals, service manuals, diagnostic software tools, dealership training, service & parts shop training etc.).

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  • Business & Marketing

    SMART Translations will take care of your corporate documents for both your retail clients and key business partners.

    We will translate your contracts, terms & conditions and other legally binding documents, as well as invitation to tenders, tender documents, regular reports, HSE audits, contractor/supplier/vendor standards, minutes, and any other documents that are vital for your company.

    We will take care of creative translation of your leaflets, brochures, multimedia presentations, as well as radio and TV spots. We will localize your websites, product microsites, web-based apps (both frontend and backend) and other corporate identity elements.

    We will work together to build a database of your corporate terminology that will be managed careully and that will make sure that your terminology is used correctly throughout multiple translation projects. Another textual database, the Translation Memory, will make translations more consistent and ensure speedy deliveries at competitive rates.

    SMART Translations will help you sell what you can do best.

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  • Laboratory Equipment

    Our translations are as accurate as your laboratory instruments.

    We know precisely that sensitive laboratory equipment, such as pipettes, dosing machines, conductometers, reactors, UV Vis spectrophotometers, refractometers, titrators, DSC/TGA/TMA instruments, multimeters and other lab systems and tools need to provide accurate results. This requires that laboratory instruments be not only accurate and precise; they need to be based on state-of-the-art technologies. Just like our translations.

    SMART Translations is a renowned translation services provider specializing in laboratory instruments translation for the world's leading manufacturers and brands. We translate websites, leaflets, catalogues, whitepapers, methods and method libraries, standard operating procedures (SOPs), instructions for use, we localize instrument firmware, LIMS, data management systems, as well as other content types.

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  • Travel & Tourism

    SMART Translations are top-class experts on Travel & Tourism translations.

    Marketing matters, because marketing sells. To attract new guests today, you need to have a website that appeals both to your prospects and existing clients in multiple languages. You also need to have multilingual descriptions for all the different travel and booking portals, such as and, as well as the translation of your catalogues, terms and conditions, house rules, regulations, check-in and check-out forms and other documents.

    No matter if you operate a vacation rental, B&B, hotel, or if you are a travel agent: you can always rely on our expertise and vast experience with Czech translations for travel and tourism.

    Benefit from our own experience with the operation of holiday rentals and entrust yourself to translators who have firsthand know-how in how to fill a holiday rental with guests.

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  • For Translation Agencies

    You know the scenario: you're working as hard as you can on a project with a tight deadline and are losing business elsewhere.

    No wonder: there are thousands of translators out there, but how many of them can provide you with the quality you need, and do that at a competitive rate? SMART Translations can provide you with everything you might require from your vendors:

    • Master's degree in translation or languages
    • Many years of experience
    • Highest degree of reliability
    • Excellent mastery of SDL Trados and other CAT tools
    • Willingness to learn how to work with proprietary tools
    • Competitive rates
    • Monthly invoicing
    • And, last but not least: we never promise anything we can't do!


    In return, we ask our partners to accept the following:

    • Partnership-based B2B relationship
    • Result-oriented cooperation
    • Fair terms & conditions
    • Willingness to answer questions and queries
    • Written POs for all jobs
    • In-time payment of our invoices

    SMART Translations never lets you down!

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