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Translation Project Management

Translation project management

Smooth projects with professional project management services

SMART Translations will manage your demanding translation projects with attention to detail. More than 20 years of experience enable us to manage a team of carefully selected translation professionals. Our experience works for you!

SMART Translations offers translation project management services at the same level as SME translation agencies. In addition, the compact team at SMART Translations makes sure that your translation projects are processed using straightforward, efficient and result-oriented workflows.

Many translation agencies will promise you pie in the sky, just to be assined a job. At SMART Translations, we only make realistic promises. If you need to assign a challenging translation project and put your hands off everything, that's the best way to make a number of things go wrong. Time has proven that efficient and effective translation project management requires close collaboration between the language service provider and the client. That is why we at SMART Translations always insisit on active involvement of our clients in the whole process.

A workflow that truly benefits you!

Project Management & Training

  • Translation Project Management

    Thanks to deep insight and vast experience we know what it takes to complete a translation project successfully. 

    Before a large project is assigned, we schedule a meeting with the client, discuss the scope of services, deadlines, data formats available, your specific needs and requirements, as well as any other project details. If any limitations or obstacles are found, we will work together with the client to overcome them.

    We will then continue to create a team of translators and send a quotation. Once we have received a written purchase order, we can proceed to create a database of the client's terminology and get down to work. The client can perform in-process checks and propose changes and other edits.

    And as a bonus, we can keep our client's translation memories and/or termbases in a perfect condition.

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  • Project Creation & Training

    Your product or service may be so much specific that you need to keep your translations in-house. You want to use CAT tools but don't have time to waste on project creation or terminology and translation memory management.

    You can entrust project, TM and termbase management to SMART Translations who will use SDL Trados Studio Professional to keep everything in perfect order. We can create SDLFILETYPE files for your XMLs. We will keep your TMs and termbases in perfect shape. Your colleagues won't have to care about anything: they will receive a project package to open and translate.

    In case you need to use SDL Trados Studio and SDL MulltiTerm to create and manage projects too, we can train your employees to master the tools at the required level.

    We have delivered courses and seminars on computer-aided translation to students at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, already since 2007.

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