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TAILORed Translation Services

With SMART Translations, you have finally found a Czech translation provider who is on the same page with you and who can fully adapt to your needs and communication requirements. Many years of experience, continuous improvement, state-of-the-art technologies, lean management, stringent quality-control processes, and leading computer-aided translation and management tools all give us a competitive edge that benefits our clients.

Langauge translation is a complex process that is influenced by a number of factors: text type, target audience, cultural context, necessary knowledge and skills, research, and many others. At SMART Translations, you will always be assigned a translator who specializes in your area. And, as responsible as we are, we will only accept projects where we can guarantee top-class quality.

SMART Translations uses state-of-the-art, robust and proven computer-aided translation (CAT) tools. These software tools make it possible to recycle previous human translations which are stored in a textual database called a "Translation memory" and to benefit from active terminology recognition. This enables us to process your translation projects:

  • faster
  • more consistently
  • at better rates, and
  • using terminology approved by you.

Not only do we own cutting-edge translation technologies, we also know how to use them – already since 2007 we've been delivering seminars on translation tools to students at Masaryk University, helping them start up successful careers in the translation industry.