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Business translation


SMART Translations will translate your coprporate documents for retail customers as well as key accounts and business partners.

Team up with SMART Translations to have your contracts, business T&C and other legal documents translated. We will translate your bidding documents, regular reports, safety audits, vendor standards, agendas, minutes and other documents.

Marketing is important because marketing sells. Our creative translation of brochures, catalogues, whitepapers, presentations, storyboards for TV spots and telemarketing scripts will help you increase brand awareness among your target clientele. We will localize your websites and web-based applications (both frontend and backend), as well as any other corporate identity component.

SMART Translations will work with you to create and maintain a terminology database, so your terminology can be used consistently throughout all translation projects. Another database, te translation memory, will guarantee that your content is translated consistently, within shorter time, and at lower total costs.

SMART Translations will help you market what you can do best.