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SMART Translations team is here to help both multinational companies and local producers operating in various industries grow through professional technical translation service.

We specialize mainly in machinery, mechanical engineering, industrial automation systems, H&S concepts and strategies, employee training and courseware, measurement and control systems, as well as in automotive translations, translations for Industry 4.0 initiatives, (I)IoT localization, and in the translation of other cutting edge technologies that are shaping the world around us.

Modern technologies comprise software components with a HMI. Translators need to make sure that your terminology is used consistently across all of those components. If your users read "Press Cancel" in the instruction manual, while the button in the HMI reads "Abort", your clients will be confused. Operator confusion leads inevitably to lower productivity, and consequently to unhappy customers.

We at SMART Translations are here to make sure that your users don't get lost in translation.